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Monday, February 25, 2013

Most people wanting to build a new home can sometimes be overwhelmed with the process.  Ryzen Homes takes the fear and unknown from this process by educating our customers with the information they will need to make proper decisions, that fit their needs.  Our free consultation services is a huge advantage to be empowered with the right information to get started on the right track.  We will visit your home site location or help you find one.  Contact us today!  www.RyzenHomes.com

Energy Star Homes in Maine

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Having a builder that has successfuly completed several Energy Star rated homes will bring you comfort you may never have had.  Ryzen Homes assures the quality of a well insulated home or project by building responsibly.  The $avings advantage is worth the time to make sure your builder knows how to achieve those benefits.  Talk to Ryzen Homes and take the guess work out of home building with a super efficient Energy Star Rated new home or project.

How a Two Story Home Plan Can Help You Get the Most for Your $

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
If you are looking to get the most house for your money, a two story home plan probably makes the most sense for you. As long as you and your family members are willing and able to climb the stairs several times a day, a two story home plan can provide you with significant cost and functionality benefits over a one story design.

Cost Savings: With a two story design, you can essentially double your square footage without doubling your building cost. How? You don't end up paying for roofing on the first floor square footage or foundation on the second floor footage. Also, when you stack the square footage over two floors, you decrease your home's footprint, enabling you to build your home on a smaller lot which may save you on land purchasing costs.

Energy Savings: Once your home is built, you will save money in heating costs by having a second floor. Why? As we all know, heat rises, and the second floor will absorb some of the heat from the living space downstairs. Additionally, all Ryzen Homes are built with an
energy efficient home envelope, which ensures that the heating and cooling you are paying for stay inside no matter what the weather outside.

A two story home plan significantly decreases your cost per square foot to build. In fact, Ryzen Homes is running a special on the Tamworth Colonial, starting at $135,600 through April 2010. That is less than $85 per square foot! Click
here for more information on this exclusive limited time offer.

First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Not Just For First Timers Anymore

Friday, November 13, 2009
Great news for homebuyers - the first time homebuyer tax credit set to expire 11/30/09 has been extended and expanded. The new buyer tax credit, which will be valid through 6/30/10, is more inclusive of higher income ranges and existing home buyers. Here are the highlights:

•  Existing Homeowners Are Eligible if they have lived in their primary home for 5+ years and are looking to purchase a new primary home.
•  Date Extension to include homes closing on or before 6/30/10.
•  First Time Homebuyers Still Receive Largest Credit of up to $8,000 or 10% of the purchase price, whichever is less.
•  Find out more

What does this mean for Ryzen Homes customers? That there has never been a better time to buy a new home! This buyer credit, combined with our current special offers means that you could be in a new home for as little as $105,600! So start shopping today and set up an appointment with Ryzen Homes to start the process of building your new home now.

Modular Home Building Offer! Exclusive for Maine Customers!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009
For a limited time only, Ryzen Homes is now offering (2) Custom Modular Homes for $113,600 and $135,600.

The Cherrydale Ranch $113,600
The Tamworth Colonial $135,600

Also, if any new customer who builds secures a deposit on building a new home on or before 4/1/2010 will receive a FREE 50" Sanyo Plasma HDTV with RCA Entertainment System (DVD and Surround Sound) with full installation + FREE Hardwood Flooring Upgrade!

To Learn More or to ACT on this incredible offer please go to our Special Modular Home Offer Page.

Are Modular Homes Green?

Friday, July 17, 2009
The answer is, they can be. Ryzen Homes integrates green building practices into all our homes and offers an energy guarantee so that all our homes are green modular homes. We do this by providing more insulation than traditional modular home builders, specifically in the attic and basement to prevent heat loss. Ryzen homes also carefully air seals each home and uses Energy Star rated windows and doors to help further improve the overall performance of the home. Because the weather in Maine can be particularly extreme, this heat loss prevention can really add up and save you money year after year.

To prove how serious we are about delivering a green modular home to our customers in Southern Maine, we have each of our Energy Star Home models independently tested and are guaranteed to perform at least 30% better than Maine building codes.

To find out more about green modular homes, please click here.

New Construction in Maine - What Are Your Options?

Monday, July 06, 2009
New Construction in Maine - What are Your Options to Build a New Home?

You really have 3 options to building a new home in Maine.
1) Site Built Custom Home - This is a good option and most builders in Maine use this method to build new construction. We have built a lot of site built homes in our day, but we have seen the quality varies greatly from builder to builder. We recommend Built By Adams if you are looking to build a new site built home. The site built process offers a lot of flexibilty and a high degree of customization. Site built homes tend to average about 5-8% more then modular homes.

2) Modular Homes - A great option for new construction in Maine. The quality is very consistent from house to house when built from the same factory, but the overall quality of the modular depends on the factory and builder you are buying from. Ryzen Homes modular homes are not going to be the cheapest homes on the block because we use only top brand name materials, but still affordable for the starter buyer but expansive enough for the luxury home buyer. When using a modular building system for new construction, you can expect a savings starting at around 3-5% over a site built home. Also, you can expect to shave off about 2 months from the building cycle when building a modular home so you can get in your new home a lot faster.

3) Panelized - Another solid option for new construction, panelized homes provide the homeowner and builder with the same flexibility and customization as a site built home, but most of the framing components are assembled offsite. Panelized homes can save time and money by reducing the margin for error and waste that goes into a site built home. Typically a panelized home will save about 4-6 weeks off the construction schedule, and about 1-3% off the cost of a site built home. Panelized homes come in kits and most log homes, timber frames, and hybrid panelized homes are sold this way. Log and timber frame homes are a custom wood home and costs to build can vary greatly.

Maine Prefab Homes - Save Thousands by Building Prefab

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Modular homes or "Prefab homes" as they are often called are a great way to build the new home you want and save thousands in the process. The NAHB in cooperation with PATH did several studies on the cost savings for prefab homes. What they discovered is that by using a prefab home building system like modular or panelized construction there was less waste, less shrinkage (theft of material), less cost overruns, less delays in the construction schedule, increase buyer power on materials/labor, significant labor efficiencies, and less money spent on construction loans and interest payments.

At Ryzen Homes, we are seeing an averaging savings of around 5-10% depending on the project and taking into account all the issues listed above. This is a signficant amoutn of money that can be saved when building a new prefab home in Maine. Whether you are building a $150,000 home or $500,000 custom waterfront home, you can expect to save $7,500 to $25,000 or more on the cost of your new home.

Custom Modular Homes in Maine

Monday, May 04, 2009

Spring time is here and if you are considering building a new home, its time to consider building a custom modular home in Maine. A new custom modular home built by Ryzen Homes is faster, more precise building process, energy efficient, and the quality is second to none. Financing is available for first time home buyers as well as those selling their existing home or looking to move up or downsize. We have a wide variety of homestyles and selections to choose from. Every modular home we build is custom just for you.

Contact Ryzen Homes today for more information.

Building a New Home in Maine and New Hampshire - Are We Stick Stuck?

Monday, April 06, 2009
Why are we stuck on stick built construction in the US versus Modular Building Systems?

I came across a great article on Building Systems Magazine in regards to the United States home building market being dominated by old fashioned building techniques. Home building has evolved greatly and with modular home building technology and panelized systems gaining more and more market share, there is a lot of hope that we can economize the home building process similar to the automobile market.

The climate in Maine and New Hampshire makes life very difficult when building a new home. Using a building system can help make life a lot easier on the client and the builder. Modular homes come up to 90% complete when delivered to the job site. This allows us to complete your home a lot quicker, for less money, and protect it from the elements.

Read the full article called "Stick Stuck by Sarah Williams Goldhagen.

"Technologically, there is no reason why houses, like cars, cannot be mass-produced, and in other countries they are constructed that way. Prefabricated, mass-produced homes, like mass-produced cars, offer myriad advantages. Fewer resources, material and labor, are wasted. Weather does not dictate construction schedules. Higher and consistent quality is more easily and reliably achieved, because the product is fabricated in the controlled setting of a manufacturing plant, with all the attendant cost advantages. The Swedish residential building industry has long been dominated by prefabricated construction: nationally uniform building systems made possible an abundance of companies manufacturing high quality kit and modular homes and prefabricated housing components. By the 1980s, prefabrication was used in 85 percent of new residential construction. (Not surprisingly, Sweden-based Ikea offers its own prefabricated house.)"