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New Construction in Maine - What Are Your Options?

Monday, July 06, 2009
New Construction in Maine - What are Your Options to Build a New Home?

You really have 3 options to building a new home in Maine.
1) Site Built Custom Home - This is a good option and most builders in Maine use this method to build new construction. We have built a lot of site built homes in our day, but we have seen the quality varies greatly from builder to builder. We recommend Built By Adams if you are looking to build a new site built home. The site built process offers a lot of flexibilty and a high degree of customization. Site built homes tend to average about 5-8% more then modular homes.

2) Modular Homes - A great option for new construction in Maine. The quality is very consistent from house to house when built from the same factory, but the overall quality of the modular depends on the factory and builder you are buying from. Ryzen Homes modular homes are not going to be the cheapest homes on the block because we use only top brand name materials, but still affordable for the starter buyer but expansive enough for the luxury home buyer. When using a modular building system for new construction, you can expect a savings starting at around 3-5% over a site built home. Also, you can expect to shave off about 2 months from the building cycle when building a modular home so you can get in your new home a lot faster.

3) Panelized - Another solid option for new construction, panelized homes provide the homeowner and builder with the same flexibility and customization as a site built home, but most of the framing components are assembled offsite. Panelized homes can save time and money by reducing the margin for error and waste that goes into a site built home. Typically a panelized home will save about 4-6 weeks off the construction schedule, and about 1-3% off the cost of a site built home. Panelized homes come in kits and most log homes, timber frames, and hybrid panelized homes are sold this way. Log and timber frame homes are a custom wood home and costs to build can vary greatly.
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