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Are Modular Homes Green?

Friday, July 17, 2009
The answer is, they can be. Ryzen Homes integrates green building practices into all our homes and offers an energy guarantee so that all our homes are green modular homes. We do this by providing more insulation than traditional modular home builders, specifically in the attic and basement to prevent heat loss. Ryzen homes also carefully air seals each home and uses Energy Star rated windows and doors to help further improve the overall performance of the home. Because the weather in Maine can be particularly extreme, this heat loss prevention can really add up and save you money year after year.

To prove how serious we are about delivering a green modular home to our customers in Southern Maine, we have each of our Energy Star Home models independently tested and are guaranteed to perform at least 30% better than Maine building codes.

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Top Five Reasons to Build Modular

Saturday, February 21, 2009
1. Planning Stages in the Shortest Amount of Time.
That means close collaboration with Ryzen Homes on the drawing board and on site. It's in your best interest to see that you get the home you want, where you want it, when you want it, and at a price that meets your budget.

2. Completed Homes in Less Time Than Stick-Built Construction.
Because the site work and home construction can be completed simultaneously, it translates into shorter time frames, fewer financing charges, and happier homeowners.

3. Your Plans or Ours. 
Our construction methods allow you a broad range of design flexibility. Our full time Engineering Department utilizes Computer Aided Design (CAD) to design each home we build and for the home of your dreams.

4. More Sturdy Than Stick-Built Construction.
Because the building components are shipped as modules, their construction must be more durable than that necessary for on site buildings. Additionally, this makes a Ryzen Home ideal for the demanding conditions of a harsh New England climate.

5. Modular Construction Reduces the Possibilities of Cost Overruns.
You and Ryzen Homes agree on the cost of your home before it is constructed.
"Surprise costs" are virtually eliminated in the modular home building process. This is real expectation management!

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