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How a Two Story Home Plan Can Help You Get the Most for Your $

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
If you are looking to get the most house for your money, a two story home plan probably makes the most sense for you. As long as you and your family members are willing and able to climb the stairs several times a day, a two story home plan can provide you with significant cost and functionality benefits over a one story design.

Cost Savings: With a two story design, you can essentially double your square footage without doubling your building cost. How? You don't end up paying for roofing on the first floor square footage or foundation on the second floor footage. Also, when you stack the square footage over two floors, you decrease your home's footprint, enabling you to build your home on a smaller lot which may save you on land purchasing costs.

Energy Savings: Once your home is built, you will save money in heating costs by having a second floor. Why? As we all know, heat rises, and the second floor will absorb some of the heat from the living space downstairs. Additionally, all Ryzen Homes are built with an
energy efficient home envelope, which ensures that the heating and cooling you are paying for stay inside no matter what the weather outside.

A two story home plan significantly decreases your cost per square foot to build. In fact, Ryzen Homes is running a special on the Tamworth Colonial, starting at $135,600 through April 2010. That is less than $85 per square foot! Click
here for more information on this exclusive limited time offer.

Modular Home Building Offer! Exclusive for Maine Customers!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009
For a limited time only, Ryzen Homes is now offering (2) Custom Modular Homes for $113,600 and $135,600.

The Cherrydale Ranch $113,600
The Tamworth Colonial $135,600

Also, if any new customer who builds secures a deposit on building a new home on or before 4/1/2010 will receive a FREE 50" Sanyo Plasma HDTV with RCA Entertainment System (DVD and Surround Sound) with full installation + FREE Hardwood Flooring Upgrade!

To Learn More or to ACT on this incredible offer please go to our Special Modular Home Offer Page.