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New England Homes - 15,000 Homes and Counting

Sunday, March 22, 2009
I wanted to share with you a little more on New England Homes.

New England Homes, founded in 1961, is more than its impressive manufacturing facility, its well trained modular home building, experienced and knowledgeable staff or its long history. New England Homes is about supporting builders, like Ryzen Homes, and helping New England homeowners benefit from the highest quality
modular home experience, on time and on budget.

New England Modular Homes, they have built well over 15,000 homes using 21st century modular home building technology. As the northeast's oldest modular home manufacturer, they supply a growing network of Builders throughout New England. This relationship allows the modular home builders to build better, quicker and more efficiently.

Contact Ryzen Homes today to take a tour of the New England Homes manufacturing facility and to tour the model home.