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Energy Star Homes in Maine

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Having a builder that has successfuly completed several Energy Star rated homes will bring you comfort you may never have had.  Ryzen Homes assures the quality of a well insulated home or project by building responsibly.  The $avings advantage is worth the time to make sure your builder knows how to achieve those benefits.  Talk to Ryzen Homes and take the guess work out of home building with a super efficient Energy Star Rated new home or project.

Are Modular Homes Green?

Friday, July 17, 2009
The answer is, they can be. Ryzen Homes integrates green building practices into all our homes and offers an energy guarantee so that all our homes are green modular homes. We do this by providing more insulation than traditional modular home builders, specifically in the attic and basement to prevent heat loss. Ryzen homes also carefully air seals each home and uses Energy Star rated windows and doors to help further improve the overall performance of the home. Because the weather in Maine can be particularly extreme, this heat loss prevention can really add up and save you money year after year.

To prove how serious we are about delivering a green modular home to our customers in Southern Maine, we have each of our Energy Star Home models independently tested and are guaranteed to perform at least 30% better than Maine building codes.

To find out more about green modular homes, please click here.