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The best insulation on the market

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
I get asked all the time what insulation do I prefer when building a new home. Hands down my favorite is Nu-Wool Cellulose. I prefer cellulose over foam and fiberglass for many reasons. Fiberglass insulation really is not a great insulator and should never be used in attics or basements, the 2 most critical places in a home for heat loss. Foam is a better insulator, but I am not sold on the idea of foam. Foam is filled with toxic chemicals and it remains to be seen whether or not foam is safe when fires occur in a home or whether or not foam off-gases after installation.

Cellulose is 99% recycled newspaper which is a great way to re-use aproduct that would end up in our land fills. It is installed at 2-3x's the density of fiberglass, which gives it a superior performance factor over fiberglass. Homes we build with cellulose that are independently tested by HERS Raters, are 40% more efficient! This amounts to a lot of money per year in energy savings. Cellulose is also fire retardant, mold resistant, and pest and rodent resistent. To me it offers more benefits then foam and far more then fiberglass. It also offers the best sound attentuation of all the insulations. You notice the difference right away when you enter a home insulated with cellulose, its so quiet.

Watch this video. Its a good one about cellulose.

The contractor I recommend for cellulose insulation is WarmTech Solutions in Yarmouth, ME.