Advanced Construction for New Homes

Prefab Modular Homes - Green Building - Energy Star Homes

For new construction in Maine, Modular homes and panelized construction is superior to site-built homes with several key differences. We will build your home under the protection from the elements and the weather never plays a roll in damaging or mildewing your structure. We build to a better tolerance than most site built homes because we are supervised by a third-party and we have systems in place to maintain the highest quality of product. Our homes also must be built to survive the travel from our factory and the crane ride on to your foundation. When it comes to building new construction, modular and panelized homes are the answer you're looking for.

Efficient, New Construction - Energy Efficienty Building Practices
Ryzen Homes is committed to energy efficiency and all of our ENERGY STAR home model components roll out ENERGY STAR compliant. We offer an unprecendented ENERGY GUARANTEE. Our standard wall is 2x6 with with R-21 insulation (R-21 Cellulose is available as an upgrade). Our attics and basements, the key areas of a home for heat loss, are insulated with Nu-Wool Insulation at R-50 and rigid basement insulation at R-6.5. We also can add, as an option, various foam sheathings to the exterior and create a higher performance wall system in modular construction and prevents thermal bridging through the studs. The Maine climate is one of the toughest in the country, and its important to build the most energy efficient home you can afford. We practice careful air sealing and our attention to reducing thermal bypass results in a superior product. Ryzen Homes only uses ENERGY STAR rated windows and doors ot help further improve the overall performance of the home.

ENERGY STAR Modular Components
Ryzen Homes is a proud builder of ENERGY STAR labeled home components that the builder and the homeowner can complete to achieve a 5 STAR Energy Rating. Visit ENERGY STAR for more details. All of our ENERGY STAR home models are independently tested by a certified HERS rater and GUARANTEED to perform at least 30% better then Maine building codes!