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1Are modular homes the same as manufactured homes?Modular
2Are panelized homes more expensive then stick built homes?Multiple
3Can I get a garage, porch, or deck on my new home?Multiple
4Can I get financing for a Systems-Built Home?Multiple
5Do you have a model home to view?Multiple
6How are Modular and Panelized Homes Built?Multiple
7How do I build a "Green" home?Multiple
8How long does it take to build a new home?Company
9How long have you been in business?Company
10How many years have you been in business?Company
11How much design flexibility is available with Systems-Built Homes?Multiple
12How much does a new home cost?Multiple
13I want to build an energy efficient home. Aren't all homes energy efficient?Multiple
14I want to manage the construction of my own home. Do you allow that?General
15Is building a modular home less expensive?General