Owner Builder Program

Build your own custom home - Earn up to 20% in Equity!

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Many of our customers have a good idea about what they want in a new home.
But where do you start? How do you make building your new home a reality?

With our home building program You Can Build Your Own Custom Home with our Help.

    Key Features of Our Program
  • Earn Up to 20% in Equity
  • As Little as $1,995 Out of Pocket
  • Save 40% - 50% in Energy Costs
  • Act as Your Own General Contractor
  • We Provide You an Experienced Project Manager to Help You Through the Process
  • Step by Step System
  • Computer Based Building Management System
  • 100's of Designs to Choose From
  • 100% Financing Option
  • We will help you build an ENERGY STAR rated home. Save 40% -50% in Energy.
  • No Sweat Required! Follow our system and you will not need to pound nails to save $$$.

Ryzen Homes can help you build your new home while you act as your own project manager. While this is not for everyone, those who are ambitious, organized, and have an additional 5-10 hours per week for 4-8 months, building your own new panelized home might be the perfect solution for you.

You are not alone in the process. Using our building systems, we have created a way for you to act as your own general contractor. You will work with an experienced Construction Consultant to help you secure financing, purchase a lot, design your home, produce a workable budget, secure reputable contractors, build to meet the ENERGY STAR program, and make sure your home is being built correctly. You control the process and all payments for your new home.

When you act as your own project manager it allows more of your construction budget to go directly to labor, materials and energy efficient upgrades instead of project management fees and overhead. Regular project meetings and site visits with your construction consultant ensures that your home is being built the right way. You don't have to have any previous knowledge of construction to be successful with the Ryzen Homes Owner Build program.

No hammers required! A successful home building project is not all about you doing all the physical labor. By utilizing our building process, our customers are saving thousands without pounding nails. This process can include owner/builder financing, access to and securing of land, detailed construction budget, superior quality panelized construction process, approved subcontractor access, site meetings, and a dedicated/experienced project construction consultant. Building a high quality home is about successful project management and we give you these tools.

We want everyone to own an Energy Efficient home and that is why we are 100% committed to the ENERGY STAR home building program. All customers of the Smart Equity Home program will be required to build a certified ENERGY STAR home. Also, your home should have on average an additional 5-10% more in equity by building to higher green building standards. An ENERGY STAR home is more durable, energy efficient, and healthier for you and your family.

Remember, its No Sweat. Smart Equity. With the help of Ryzen Homes Owner Build program we
can help turn your home building dreams into reality! Contact Us Today to Learn More.