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  • Styrofoam sill seal 5-1/2".
  • 2x6 Pressure treated wall plate.
  • Built-up laminated veneer lumber girder, as required.
  • Floor joists, as required.
  • 3/4" T&G (Tongue & Groove) OSB sub-floor with sub-floor adhesive.
  • 3" diameter round one-piece steel basement posts with adjustable threads.
  • K.D. (knocked down) basement stairs; 2x10 treads and stringers, handrail and brackets.
  • Cross bridging, wood 1x3.


  • Panel height: 8' 1 - 1/8".
  • 2x6 studs, 16" OC (On Center) on exterior walls.
  • 2x4 studs, 16" OC on garage walls.
  • 2x4 studs, 16" OC on interior partitions.
  • 2x6 studs, 16" OC on plumbing walls.
  • 2x8 or 2x10 headers on bearing walls as necessary.
  • Single bottom and double top plates.
  • Corner and partition backers installed in panels.
  • 7/16" OSB (Oriented Strand Board) sheathing on all exterior walls.
  • House wrap, infiltration barrier will be included under siding.
  • Siding is "wood grain" vinyl "double lap," in white or in colors, with options of fiber cement, cedar or many other available products.
  • White vinyl "J" blocks, 8 per house included.
  • Gable end framing, stud nailer for siding 16" OC.
  • NOTE: Gable end sheathing 7/16" OSB. If plywood wall sheathing option is used, then the gable would also receive the same. If insulated wall sheathing option is used, i.e. 1" R-Max, gable sheathing is 7/16" OSB.
  • 2x6 partition cap for sheetrock nailer on first floor partitions; 1-1/2" metal ceiling angle or clips for sheetrock backer on ranch partitions or second floor partitions.


  • Truss system designed for installation on 24" centers, employing a roof pitch, with rake and eave overhangs per standard design. Roof design will vary with print.
  • 2x4 lateral bracing supplied to tie roof truss system correctly.
  • Felt paper, snow and ice shield, pre-finished metal drip edge, aluminum flashing, Certainteed Landmark shingles with 5" exposure and 30-year warranty.
  • Certainteed standard roof colors: Moire Black, Weathered Wood, Burnt Sienna, Resawn Shake, Driftwood, Colonial Slate, Georgetown Gray, Cobblestone Gray, Hunter Green, and Heather Blend.
  • Nail-over ridge vent with nail-on 6" or 12" ladders.
  • 1/2" roof plywood with clips.


  • Aluminum fascia and vinyl soffit systems come in white or brown as standard colors. Colors to match siding are an additional option.
  • Vinyl shutters per print. Colors: white, black, brown, gray, blue, green, or burgundy.


  • Exterior doors assembled in primed frame with vinyl brick mould applied.
  • Main entrance door, metal clad, foam insulated, 3/0 x 6/8 with thermal break threshold applied.
  • Service door, metal clad, foam insulated, 2/8 x 6/8 with thermal break threshold applied, no glass in house to garage door.
  • Window styles per print, smart R glass with screens.
  • Garage overhead doors are pre-finished metal, insulated with metal back and installed after rough opening is trimmed.
  • The door is 194 series 9/0 x 7/0 or 16/0 x 7/0 in white, almond or brown. Garage door openers are included with each overhead door.


  • Interior doors are 1-3/8" hollow core, primed.
  • All swing door units will have three hinges. Closet units are by-pass or bi-fold with jambs per plan.
  • All units are pre-hung in finger joint primed jambs.
  • MDF door and windows picture-frame casing. Casing is 2-1/4", baseboard is 3".
  • Closet shelving is vinyl white wire with supports as necessary.
  • Door stops, sash locks as necessary.
  • Assembled stairs, closed treads for two-story, splits, etc. Yellow pine risers, stringers, and treads.
  • Stair parts, i.e. newels, balusters, and handrails, where designated.
  • Bright Brass bedroom and bath privacy locksets, closet passage locksets and exterior locksets.


  • Standard cabinets are Oak, Hickory, and Maple. They are available with square or arch tops, and multiple colors. Hardware selections available.
  • Counter and vanity tops are custom square edge countertops.
  • Vanities, same style as kitchen cabinets, included only where shown on plans.
  • Other cabinet styles are available


  • All exterior wall panels assembled with sheathing applied.
  • Interior partitions assembled.
  • Floor joists pre-cut to correct lengths.
  • All interior doors pre-hung in veneer jambs where possible.
  • Material delivered to job site on prearranged schedule.
  • Tractor cranes available.


  • The outside dimensions of all Barden Homes are from frame to frame.
  • Floor plan dimensions do not include exterior wall sheathing that extends beyond the foundation.


  • Unfinished Lower Level: Furring panels for the lower level will be supplied as an optional extra.
  • Finished Lower Level: 2x4 - furring panels will be supplied with studs 16" OC with single top and bottom plate, except garage area.