Dear Ryzen Homes, 
I would like to thank you for the beautiful home you designed for us. We are especially thankful for the extra effort you made to get us into the home in record time: especially for a custom home designer/builder.
Very truly yours,
Fred, Lori and Haley Harrison

Beth & John DeLillis
I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what a great experience we had designing our home. We are very confident that you would be able to be sensitive to our needs and at the same time achieve our desired results. We cannot say enough about Ryzen Homes.  Our dream became a reality.
Beth & John DeLillis

Dear Ryzen Homes,
This is to thank you, and to provide you with this letter of recommendation for the wonderful job you did this year. Your help and leadership in the design, site work, acquiring permits, sub-contractor selection and construction oversight resulted in our first new home being a home of distinction. The Ryzen Homes quality is first rate. Your price estimating, timing (and though there has not been much need) your after service and follow through has been exemplary. You are truly a company of great honesty and integrity. It has been a pleasure working with you. We are very pleased to give you our highest recommendation. Please feel free to use us as references. We are very satisfied customers!
Sincerely, Ray and Gail




"I am a conscientious citizen. I want to save energy. When I had my new home built, I insisted that our builder use
energy-efficient products. To that end, my windows are high efficient ENERGY STAR Windows. My walls and attic are insulated at or above recommended levels. This is something that will save me lots of money on my heating and cooling bills".
- Ken Noto

"I would recommend ENERGY STAR to anyone looking to buy a new home. If this house weren't ENERGY STAR rated, I wouldn't have bought it."
- David Vidal

“Our subcontractors send their best crews because they know their work will be inspected.”
- ENERGY STAR Builder Partner

“The expense of heating and cooling a home is a major part of the cost of home ownership. By participating in the ENERGY STAR Program, we’ve drastically lowered this expense and been able to deliver what homebuyers really want—affordable value.”

“Our ENERGY STAR home met so many needs. We wanted lots of light, a tight house, and low heating bills. We got exactly that—ENERGY STAR really does work!”
- Sam and Churice Westbrook, Homeowners

“My biggest selling point for buying an ENERGY STAR home was resale value. I would highly recommend ENERGY STAR to anyone because it will definitely save them money in the long run.”
- Barry Ellison, Homeowner

“As consumers become more educated and familiar with all of these benefits that energy efficiency has to offer, in 5 years non-ENERGY STAR rated homes will become functionally obsolete.”
- Karl Sayles, Darty Appraisal Service