Top 10 Reasons to Build Modular in Maine

Don't ask for just 1 reason to build modular. We give you our Top 10.

The Modular WayTop 10 ReasonsYour Home, Your WayThe Right ProductsSpecifications
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    1. 1) Planning Stages in the Shortest Amount of Time.
    That means close collaboration with with Ryzen Homes on the drawing board and on site. It's in your best interest to see that you get the home you want, where you want it, when you want it, and at a price that meets your budget. Our experiences sales team and project managers have successfully built 100's of custom modular and stick built homes.
  1. 2) Completed Homes in Less Time Than Stick-Built Construction.
    Because the site work and home construction can be completed simultaneously, it translates into shorter time frames, fewer financing charges, and happier homeowners.
  2. 3) New England Homes Has a Reputation for Quality Construction.
    Our full time quality control staff maintains the quality control process throughout the building cycle. In fact, our construction exceeds FHA, VA and other building requirements.
  3. 4) Expertise in a Wide Variety of Projects.
    Our expertise ranges from single-family homes, condos, town homes, and even covered bridges! In fact, you'll find New England Homes throughout the Northeastern United States as well as parts of Europe.
  4. 5) Your Plans or Ours.
    Ryzen Homes construction methods allow you a broad range of design flexibility. Our full time Engineering Department utilizes Computer Aided Design (CAD) to design each home we build and for the home of your dreams.
  5. 6) It's "Springtime" All Year Long at New England Homes.
    In our environmentally controlled workplace there is no downtime because of pouring rain or bitter cold. This allows us to exercise greater control over our materials and construction. learn more
  6. 7) Top-of-the-Line Materials.
    At Ryzen Homes, we strive to build with quality equal to or better than anticipated from other building methods.
  7. 8) More Sturdy Than Stick-Built Construction.
    Because the building components are shipped as modules, their construction must be more durable than that necessary for on site buildings. Additionally, this makes Ryzen Homes ideal for the demanding conditions of a harsh New England climate.
  8. 9) Turn-Key Homes.
    After your selection, we can assist you in every step of your new home-from planning and designing to the necessary site and finish work.
  9. 10) Modular Construction Reduces the Possibilities of Cost Overruns.
    We committ in writing on the cost of your home before it is constructed.
    "Surprise costs" are virtually eliminated in the modular home building process. This is real expectation management.